Colorado Voter Registration Deadline

While I have very definite opinions regarding the races, amendments (!!!) and other ballot issues this year, my primary concern is the voter turn-out. Americans are abysmal at turning out to vote without a sexy Presidential Election or Immovable Opinions to bring them in.  Personally, I vote a multi-party ticket, and I suspect that I am not alone.

I am invested in a highly-populated, informed voting public, and I know I appreciate having the Am I Registered? Where’s My Polling Place? and What’s On The Ballot? answers within easy reach. So I share that easy reach with you, Dear Reader.

Deadline to Register is October 4 (next Monday).
Election information, voter registration options (including registering online or checking your current registration status) are all available at the CO Secretary of State website:

The electronic copy of the 2010 Blue Book (information, including write-ups of the opposing viewpoints on all state-wide ballot measures, and not produced by any of the political parties), is available here:

An audio copy of the 2010 Blue Book is available here:

Crowd-sourced information on ballot measures is a beautiful thing to see this year:

We have awesome resources for voters, some of them even disconnected from Party Politics. Yet, it’s our duty to use them – a free country and a working Representative Democracy are not going to be just handed to us.