Buffy, Season 9 and Madame Xanadu

Buffy appears in literature such as the Buffy ...

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I haven’t written about comics in ages, but am considering this the first tentative steps back into that world.  Comics are a high-maintenance medium to be involved with.


Buffy: Season 9 – #1 (3/5)

I am reminded of the beginning of Season 8, before it went off the rails (see: Twilight arc climax, pun intended), which makes me glad that the book has returned to those sorts of stories, while I am simultaneously eyeing the rest of the “season” with trepidation.
There’s a lot of the humor, silliness, and angst that I liked so much in the tv series, and the sense of life passing Buffy by, because she has one purpose in a lot of ways, and trying to be something other than she is doesn’t tend to end well, but I always root for her when she does try.
Madam Xanadu #29 – Final Issue (4/5)
A good closing bookend to the series, bringing explanation and closure to the threads, while leaving room for the stories of Madam Xanadu that have already been written (in the Silver Age, I believe).  I like the team of Wagner and Reeder best – it was a signing with Reeder that caused me to pick up the series in the first place.  The art here is gorgeous, and her sense of age and wistfulness comes through clearly.
– I re-read it in anticipation of Justice League: Dark #1, which is among the most interesting premises coming out of the reboot (to me)

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