First Rider’s Call – Kristen Britain

First Rider's Call

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First Rider’s Call
Kristen Britain
Sequel to Green Rider

It was worth the (years long) wait between the first and this. And so good that Beloved got me the two in hardback so that I’ll have a fall-back position when I destroy the paperbacks with re-reading.

There are more characters who get sections in their POV than in the first one. King Zachary being one of the few recurring that hadn’t gotten his moment in the first book. The delicate balance of realism and magic is maintained, allowing the instances of “standard fairytale magic” to feel as wrong and the sign of a world out of whack as the plot demands they do.

Kerigan still acts her age, which is rare for strong female characters when it isn’t being played for laughs. And everyone reacts as people would, rather than living up to their character-type cliche. It was refreshing, and a relief to know that the trend continued from one book to the next.

The only complaint is that this is obviously a middle book, so things are resolved in a necessarily temporary way. It makes waiting for the next installment difficult.

This review is a republishing (new blog domain). It was originally published in April 2005


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