The Story Teller by Margaret Coel

In a week, my branch of AAUW will be hosting it’s annual Membership Tea. Since my previous position of Interest Group Coordinator is no longer in existence, I find myself looking forward to the meeting. In previous years, the prospect of trying to answer questions about fun groups that I didn’t have time to belong to was kind of depressing. This year, I have the website, and a speaker after my own hear to look forward to.

This summer, I saw Ms. Coel speak at Chautauqua, and was impressed by the breadth of her passion for the world around her, the stories she tells, and particularly the people who inspire those stories. Father John and Vicki Holden may not actually exist, but the themes, traumas, and hopes of the stories in which they reside do.

Equality isn’t something that one fights for in only one aspect of the world. It’s something that comes from being unable to look at another than think that they are less. Ms. Coel’s work looks to aim for that in the relationships she portrays, the evils she has her characters face, and the themes peeking out from between the words on the page.

Because I’m all caught up in excitement for this meeting, I’m going to read Story Teller, and am toying with the idea of liveblogging it. I have no idea if I’m even constitutionally capable of putting a good mystery down long enough to blog it before finishing, but I think I’ll give it a go.


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